Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pet Killer Alex Deaconu is also an Illiterate Moron

Alex Deaconu's Facebook Page
After filing a false police report, Alex Deaconu along with an accomplice poisoned her roommate’s Betta with toilet bowl cleaner. She wrote to animal rights activists that she didn’t kill the fish but watched her friend do it.
Her moronic gibberish quote: ”i didnt kill ur stupid fish” and ”I know what he did was very very wrong. and its important to forgive and move on.” Forgive? She might have well as said, what would Jesus do? We know what you’re wondering, and we don’t know how she graduated high school either. When it comes to the retard bus, she really takes the cake. Feel free to laugh out loud HARD when reading below.
Alex Deaconu says:
if its really over in the past then id really appreciate to have my name dropped from the blog and the pet killer web site. i know what he did was very very wrong. and its important to forgive and move on.
Alex Deaconu says:
i alrady told u that it was me and you told me that if id ell teh trutyh ud be leaving me alone … why should have take rap for something that i didnt do wtf >? price i must pay seriously ? this is bull shit i want my name taken off those blogs. i didnt kill anything. and ___ already knows who did it.
Alex Deaconu says:
wow … so i said was instead of wasnt / or did instad of didnt. but i meant what i said in the beginning. i DIDNT DO IT. and im not giving my friends name because i know that u are lying … he says he doesnt give a shit so .. why not. i guess i could .. but since im alreayd an accomplice then none of this m,atter anymore. thanks . still the same shit after all this time. i am done

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